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Technical Data Sheet Section

Below is a listing of our Technical Data Sheet files. Right-click on the product name and save this file to your hard drive. You may also click on the product name to open it directly with Adobe Reader.

Note: Not all files have been modified and uploaded yet. Thank you for your patience.


Pebble Rock™ Flooring
Epoxy Quartz™ Flooring
Epoxy Flecks™ Flooring


Seamless Premium Primer™ (New 2010)
Seamless Vapor Seal Primer™
Seamless Substrate Epoxy Wet Primer™


Seamless Final Coat INDOOR Sealer™
Seamless Final Coat INDOOR Sealer Fast Cure™
Seamless One-Coat OUTDOOR Sealer™
Seamless One-Coat Industrial Sealer™
Seamless Premium OUTDOOR Binding Sealer™
Seamless Premium CRU Sealer™
Seamless Premium WB-CRU Sealer™

Epoxy Flecks™ System Base Coat:

Regular Cure Formula:
Seamless Premium Flecks Base Coat™
Seamless Premium Flecks Base Coat Fast Cure™
Epoxy Flecks™ Base Coat Color Chart

Epoxy Flecks™ System Clear Coat:

Seamless Premium Flecks Clear Coat™
Seamless Premium Flecks Clear Coat Fast Cure™

Installation Aids:

Seamless Binder Thickener™
Seamless Form Release™
Seamless Trowel Lube™

IMPORTANT: SFS Concrete Preparation Guide

LEEDS Program (Important for Architects & Designers)


Seamless Premium INDOOR Binder™
Seamless Premium INDOOR Binder Fast Cure™
Seamless Premium OUTDOOR Binder™
Seamless One-Step OUTDOOR Binder™
Seamless Premium Asphalt Epoxy™
Seamless Substrate Epoxy™
Seamless Anti-Microbial Additive™

Pebble Rock™ Matrix Fillers:

Seamless Premium Flood Coat™
Seamless Countertop Coating™

Waterproof Systems:

Seamless Waterproof Membrane™
Seamless Waterproof Membrane Non-Wear Layer™
Seamless Waterproof Membrane Primer™

Epoxy Quartz™ System Top Coat:

Seamless Premium Quartz Top Coat™
Seamless Premium Quartz Top Coat Fast Cure™

Epoxy Quartz™ System Base Coat:

Seamless Premium Quartz Base Coat™
Seamless Premium Quartz Base Coat Fast Cure™

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